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  1. Car Tab Fee Elimination Dependent on Snoqualmie Proposition 1

    Proposition 1 – the Sales & Use Tax for Transportation Improvements – would add 20 cents per $100 on taxable goods and services, generate more ongoing revenue for transportation improvements in Snoqualmie, and eliminate the $40 annual vehicle license fee. Read more...
  2. US Census Releases Data on Snoqualmie Population Growth

    The US Census recently released population figures for cities nationwide as part of their data release for redistricting. Census data shows the City of Snoqualmie’s population was 14,121 as of April 1, 2020. Read on...
  3. Serve Your Community on a City of Snoqualmie Commission

    Two City of Snoqualmie commissions and one committee are seeking new members, including the Arts Commission, the Parks and Events Commission, and the Human Services Advisory Committee. Read on...
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