Fire Department

Role and Responsibilities

The City of Snoqualmie Fire Department is committed to providing superior community-based preparedness and emergency services in a timely and professional manner. Among the services provided by this agency are: fire, medical, and emergency response; safety inspections; educational classes like CPR and Stop the Bleed; and safety information on fireworks, burn bans, and recreation in our area.


Interim Fire Chief Mike Bailey leads the Snoqualmie Fire Department. He has served the Snoqualmie Fire Dept. for 24 years, previously serving as Deputy Fire Chief.

Mission and Goals

The Snoqualmie Fire Department and its members will:

  • Serve as dedicated visionaries, committed to professional development and embracing innovation in training and service delivery;
  • Anticipate and exceed community expectations;
  • Be viewed as engaged role models, delivering equitable and compassionate services to our diverse community; and
  • Foster partnerships with other community organizations and agencies.

Accredited Agency Status

The Snoqualmie Fire Department is in the top 1% of fire agencies to meet Accredited Agency status with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International. Of the five accredited agencies in Washington state, Snoqualmie is the first with combined volunteer and career firefighters. Accreditation status means high-level self-assessment and continuous quality improvement to deliver enhanced service to the community.

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