Parks & Public Works

Role and Responsibilities

The Parks & Public Works Department has a vast range of responsibilities, including maintaining over 40 city parks, 25 miles of trails, maintaining all city roadways, operating municipal water and sanitary sewer systems, maintaining a stormwater collection system, and managing urban forestry floodplain management programs. 

The department  is comprised of the following divisions: parks, water, sanitation, streets, stormwater and urban forestry. 


The Parks & Public Works Department is led by Mike Chambless, who has nearly 20 years of management experience (11 years at the executive level) in Parks, Public Works, and Recreation. He holds a bachelor's of science degree in Natural Sciences with a minor in Industrial Safety from San Jose State University.  

Mission and Goals

To provide residents, businesses, and visitors high quality, efficient parks and public works facilities and services that maintain the livability of Snoqualmie and protect the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.