Citizens Academy

About Citizens Academy

The Snoqualmie Citizens Academy is a seven-week course offered to Snoqualmie residents so they can get a first-hand look at how city government works. There is no charge for the sessions, which are led by Snoqualmie city leadership and department directors. Sessions are informal, interactive, and a lot of fun! 

Sign up by emailing Jodi Warren, City Clerk, at or call her at 425-888-8016. 

Course Curriculum

Welcome and Introductions

  • History: Learn about Snoqualmie’s history along with a look to the future.
    Presenter: Dave Battey, Official Snoqualmie Historian
  • A Political Perspective: Presenter: Mayor Matt Larson
  • Mock City Council Meeting: Participate as council members and/or the public.
    Facilitator: Jodi Warren, City Clerk

Parks Division

  • Parks Division: Learn about the City’s expansive parks and trails system and the people who maintain it. 
  • Shuttle Tour: Visit City Parks Facilities

Public Works Division

  • Public Works: Explore city infrastructure, streets, water, and wastewater. This is more fun than you might think! 
  • Shuttle Tour: Visit City Public Works Facilities

Police Services

  • Police Department: Learn the many ways the Snoqualmie Police Department protects and serves the Snoqualmie and North Bend communities.
    Presenter: Police Chief Perry Phipps
  • This session is held on a Saturday at the Police Station, 34825 SE Douglas St, where participants get a hands-on tour and enjoy lunch with Police Chief Phipps.

Fire and Emergency Management

  • Fire and Emergency Management: Gain insights into protecting life and property, and managing disasters. Presenter: Fire Chief Mark Correira
  • This session is held at the Fire Station, 37600 SE Snoqualmie Parkway, where participants get a tour of the Fire Station Facilities.

Community Development: Planning & Building

  • Planning Division: Examine the City’s long-range planning, land use management, zoning, environmental policy, floodplain management, and the development review process. Presenter: Mark Hofman, Director, Community Development
  • Building Division: "The Silent Defenders" - Includes Building Code Enforcement information about fire protection, prevention, and suppression related to building inspections. Presenter: John Cooper, Building Official 

Legal and Finance

  • Municipal Law: Learn about the authority of cities, type of government, separation of Mayor and City Council powers, legal mandates, open government, meetings, and the Public Records Act. Presenter: Bob Sterbank, City Attorney
  • Finance 101: Learn about where city revenues come from, where property taxes go, how tax dollars support city services and programs, and budget impacts.
    Presenter: Robert Hamud, Finance Director 


Upon completion of the Citizens Academy, participants are presented with certificates at a Snoqualmie City Council Meeting.