Councilmember Bryan Holloway, Position 3

CM Holloway_headshot_final_for websiteCouncilmember Holloway
Position 3
Term Expires: 12/31/2025

The character and beauty of Snoqualmie drew my family here.

As a City Councilmember, I apply my project management and multi-million dollar budget administration experience to balancing the levels and mix of services that best serve our community and the need to reduce the dependence on unsustainable revenues. I seek to energize our business districts, contain cost growth and, to the extent possible with your support, keep services local.

Approximately a third of our city’s current operational budget is dependent upon nonrecurring development revenue, which will disappear with the completion of SR II. Property tax revenue is restricted to a 1% annual growth, although operational costs have grown at a rate in excess of 5% annually.

As a father of two children, I work toward a bright future for the families of Snoqualmie.

Councilmember Service:

Councilmember Holloway has served as a Councilmember since 2006.

Service in 2024:

  • Mayor Pro Tem
  • Finance & Administration Council Committee, Chair
  • Parks & Public Works Committee Member
  • Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District No. 4, City Council Liaison
  • Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Council Liaison
  • Railroad Days Committee