Vaccinations for COVID-19

Washington residents can determine if they are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccination through the Department of Health Phase Finder online tool to determine their eligibility. Phase Finder is designed to help people in Washington find out if they are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine now or, if not, sign up to be notified when they become eligible. It is very easy to use. Go to

Snoqualmie residents are able to get vaccinated at the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Drive-thru Service Center and other vaccination sites throughout Washington, but must first use Phase Finder.

For those without internet access or who are intimidated by technology, the Department of Health encourages them to ask a family member or friend to help use the online tool. It is the fastest and most efficient way to determine eligibility.

Vaccination information can also be provided by phone by calling the Department of Health at 1-800-525-0127 followed by #; however, at this time, there are significant wait times. 

Make an Appointment

If Phase Finder determines an individual is eligible for a vaccination, they should call their health care provider or make an appointment online for the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital’s Drive-Thru Service or other vaccination sites throughout Washington. However, if a health care provider or pharmacy reaches out with an opportunity to get vaccinated sooner, do not wait. 

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital

Comprehensive information about testing, vaccination appointments, registration forms, and more is provided on the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital’s website at www.snoqualmiehospital.orgThe hospital uses Phase Finder but is also available by phone at 425-831-3408.

Testing Locations

locations are available throughout Washington as posted on the Department of Health website at www.doh.wa.govTesting is also available at the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital. To make room in the Drive-thru Service Center for vaccine administration, the times for COVID testing are being compressed to 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., Monday thru Friday (closed on holidays and weekends).