Comprehensive Plan Update 2044

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Project Description

Beginning January 2023, the City of Snoqualmie will launch an extensive two-year project to update its Comprehensive Plan - a long range planning tool that guides decision making about how the City will grow over a 20-year time period. The Comp Plan, as it is often called, outlines goals and policies for managing growth while protecting the health, welfare, and quality of life of residents. 

This 20-year visioning plan guides development, laws, and City spending. As a whole, it describes the Snoqualmie that community members wish to leave to future generations and coordinates City departments under a common vision. 

The Comp Plan can be amended annually through the docket process - which provides citizens an opportunity to suggest changes to the Comprehensive Plan - but the Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A) requires counties and cities conduct a mandatory periodic update at least once every ten years.  This is the process the City has launched in 2023. 

Primary purposes of the update include:

  • Review plan and regulations, bringing them in compliance with changes to state law and the Growth Management Act (GMA)
  • Respond to changes in land use and population
  • Address community priorities and/or needs. 

The City of Snoqualmie's periodic comprehensive plan update is due in December 2024 and will guide the City's growth through 2044. The two-year Comp Plan Update process will include extensive public engagement, including future town halls, surveys, and informational outreach.


Snoqualmie Comprehensive Plan 2044 Timeline

Public Engagement Opportunities 

  • April 6, 2023: Open House at City Hall.
  • Oct. 18, 2023: Open House, Snoqualmie Library Meeting Room

Watch for more opportunities to provide input and priorities for the Snoqualmie 2044 Comprehensive Plan.

Public Comment

As part of the Comprehensive Plan Update - Snoqualmie 2044 - public comments are being compiled. Below see all public comment received through January 2024.