Finance Department

Role and Responsibilities

The Finance Department is responsible for all City budgeting, accounting, financial reporting; managing City revenue sources like property, sales, utility, and Business and Occupation taxes; managing all water utility accounts and billing; business licensing, and pet licensing.

Leadership - Finance Director

The Finance Director is the city’s treasurer and is responsible for custody and safekeeping of all city funds; deposits and investment activity; supervision of accounting processes to monitor receipts and disbursements; accounting of all city monies; participation in activities to maintain accounting control; and providing for the necessary financial records, reports and statements.

Mission and Goals

The Finance Department strives to provide excellent customer service to the public, financial stewardship of the City’s resources, professional financial services, and support to city departments.

The City's budget is open and accessible to the public. Any questions can be discussed in person, on the phone or via email. Contact the Finance Office at 425-888-8013 or email us.