Finance Department

Role and Responsibilities

The Finance department manages the following:

  • Biennial Budget
  • Capital Improvement Plan
  • Procurement & Purchasing
  • Revenue & Treasury Management
  • Utility Billing
  • Licensing & Taxes
  • Financial Reporting
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Debt Management
  • Long-term Financial Planning


The Finance and Human Resources Departments are led by Jen Ferguson, who has 30 years of municipal finance, public administration, and strategic planning experience. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Management and a master’s degree in public administration.

The Finance Director serves as the City Treasurer and is responsible for custody and safekeeping of all city funds, deposits and investment activity. The Director oversees all accounting and auditing functions, debt management, maintains internal controls, financial reporting, and long-term financial planning to ensure fiscal vitality of the community.

Mission and Goals

The Finance Department endeavors to provide transparent, accurate financial information, maintain the City's fiscal health, guide adherence to Financial Policy, and manage financial service operations with a high level of customer service through the implementation of interactive and transparent open data portals for viewing the city budget, capital improvement plan and city spending.

The City's budget is open and accessible to the public. Any questions can be discussed in person, on the phone or via email. Contact the Finance Office at 425-888-8013 or email us.