Utilities Emergency Contacts

Please contact the City of Snoqualmie for specific problems associated with the utilities.

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Drinking Water:   425-888-8020
  • Wastewater:  425-888-8015
  • Stormwater Ponds and Catch Basin Spill HOTLINE:  425-888-8011

If you are reporting a utilities concern or emergency outside of regular Monday-Friday business hours or on the weekend, Utilities Division staff will respond to your message as soon as possible to assess the concern or emergency. They may not always reply immediately depending on the nature of the concern or emergency. Also, they may already be in the midst of the response when your call arrives, having learned of the issue through a different source within our organization.

Information about hazardous spills into water is available on the Department of Ecology website or by calling the Department of Ecology at 1-800-OILS-911.