Snoqualmie Mill

Project Description

The Snoqualmie Mill is a private, multi-phase, planned commercial/industrial, and mixed-used development project situated on a 261-acre land parcel owned by Snoqualmie Mill Ventures, LLC. The site was formerly home to the Snoqualmie Lumber Mill, which closed in 2003.

Most of the project site - approximately two-thirds - will remain open space with natural areas, habitat, and flood storage. The re-developed portion of the property will occur in three stages.

Planning Area 1- as defined by a development agreement - will focus on the production and storage of wine, re-developing this area with a mix of related light industrial, commercial/retail, and warehouse buildings along a pedestrian-oriented main street featuring tasting rooms and restaurants. 

It will also include 160 units of multi-family housing situated on the upper floors of the mixed-use buildings. As defined in the project's development agreement, 22% of those units will be designated for residents whose income is 60-80% of King County’s Area Median Income (AMI).

Planning Areas 2 and 3 are planned to be phased over the next 10-15 years.  


The private project is situated on the 261-acre former Weyerhaeuser Snoqualmie Lumber Mill Site near downtown Snoqualmie. The land was annexed into the city limits in 2012. The project site does not include the nearby Mill Pond/Borst Lake, which is still owned by Weyerhaeuser.  

Mill Site Planning Areas

Major Milestones

Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements: The project was subject to an extensive environment and public review process, which began in April 2017 when an application for Planned Commercial Industrial Plan (PCI) review was submitted for the project.  Over three years was spent preparing the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), followed by publishing and public comment periods. Following that Draft EIS public review process, an additional 1.5 years to was dedicated to completing the same process for the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), which included public and stakeholder feedback. 

Independent Hearing Examiner Review: The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was appealed. As such it was subject to review by an independent Hearing Examiner, who affirmed the adequacy of the FEIS and recommended approval of the project's Planned Commercial Industrial (PCI) Plan to the City Council.

Planned Commercial Industrial Plan (PCI) and Development Agreement: In Oct. 2022, the Snoqualmie City Council approved Resolutions 1630 and 1631, approving the Snoqualmie Mill PCI Plan and the associated Snoqualmie Mill Development Agreement (DA). The DA between the City and Snoqualmie Mill Ventures, LLC establishes the development standards and processes that govern and vest development of the property for the term of the DA, including mitigation measures and development conditions applicable to the project. 

Please view the Snoqualmie Mill Site Planned Commercial/Industrial Plan for a detailed history of the project's Draft and Final EIS process, Hearing Examiner Ruling, as well as the PCI Plan and Development Agreement approval. This page includes an extensive list of documents related to the project, as well as YouTube links from appeal and public hearings. 

Construction Timeline

Construction of Planning Area 1 is estimated to begin in 2024. The project will follow the design and permitting processes specified in the development agreement prior to any construction commencing. 

Permit Application and Issuance

**As permits are applied for and issued, they will be listed in this project page section**

Snoqualmie Mill Conceptual Images (NOT final designs)

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