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Jan 19

Congratulations to Jason George

Posted to Around Town - A Community Blog by Gail Folkins

Jason GeorgeHelp us congratulate Jason George, who was recently promoted to sewer utility lead. Jason has worked for the City for 12 years and has helped support a variety of programs and projects with success and dedication. In his new role, Jason will continue to apply his expertise to leading the work of all staff within the wastewater division.

Mar 24

SFD Fire Blotter, Edition 31

Posted to Fire Blotter by Danna McCall

March 17, 2023 - Chest Injury

Crews responded to the Cedar River Watershed in response to an individual who suffered a severe chest injury. The person was hit in the chest when a tree snapped back. The patient was transported to the hospital. 

March 17, 2023 - Transport

EMTs responded to Snoqualmie Valley Hospital to transport a patient to a larger hospital for additional needed treatment. 

March 18, 2023 - Fall

Crews responded to a downtown Snoqualmie business to assist an individual who fell and suffered a knee injury. The patient was transported to a nearby hospital. 

March 18, 2023 - Ice Fall

Crews responded to the Sno-King Ice Arena to assist a person who fell on the ice and reported back pain. The individual was taken to a nearby hospital. 

March 19, 2023 - Smoke at Echo Glen

Crews responded to Echo Glen Children's Center after it was reported that six juvenile inmates had locked themselves in a building, possibly with weapons, and were starting a fire. Smoke was seen, but no flames. Police also responded to the scene and got the incident under control. 

March 19, 2023 - Garage Fire

Firefighters responded to a Snoqualmie home for the report of a fire inside a garage, possibly related to work done earlier by the homeowner, who attempted to put out the fire. Crews inspected the scene to ensure the small fire was completely extinguished. 

March 21, 2023 - Evaluation

EMTs responded to a Snoqualmie home to evaluate a minor child who was reportedly pale, lethargic, and not acting like his/her self.  No ambulance hospital transport was required.

March 23, 2023 - Smoke in Residence

Crews responded to a North Bend home after it was reported thick smoke with an chemical smell had filled the home. The occupants evacuated. Crews determined it was a furnace issue. 

**These are a selection of calls the Snoqualmie Fire Dept. responded to during the previous week.**

Mar 21

SPD Police Blotter, Edition 11

Posted to Police Blotter by Danna McCall

March 13, 2023 - Traffic Stop and Warrant Arrest

An officer performed a traffic stop of a vehicle tailgating and not using signals near downtown Snoqualmie. It was determined the driver had a DUI warrant out of North Bend and was arrested and booked into the Issaquah Jail. 

March 14, 2023 - Copper Wire Theft

An officer took a report about the theft of wiring from homes under construction in North Bend. $8000 worth of copper wire was reported stolen from the construction site. 

March 15, 2023 - Trespass and Theft

Officers responded to the North Bend Safeway when it was reported that a known subject who had been previously trespassed from the store was inside and had stolen liquor. Officers were unable to locate the subject at the time, but charges were forwarded to the King County Prosecutor for criminal trespass 1st degree and theft 3rd degree. 

March 16, 2023 - Unwanted Suspicious Male

A subject was making employees of a North Bend business uncomfortable. The business requested the individual be trespassed indefinitely. Officers located the person at his residence and served him with the trespass notice. 

March 17, 2023 - Illegal Burn

Officers responded to a downtown North Bend home in response to the report of a lot of smoke coming from the residence.  They contacted a subject at the residence about the illegal barrel fire and assisted them in putting it out. The subject 'was not super friendly with officers.' Charges are being forwarded to the prosecutor's office for illegal burning.

March 18, 2023 - Suspicious Activity

While performing an area check at Snoqualmie Point Park an officer observed a suspicious person underneath a vehicle. When the suspicious person noticed the officer, they apologized, jumped into their vehicle and fled at a high rate of speed. Due to state law, the officer was unable to pursue the subject. It was suspected the vehicle was stolen as it did not have license plates.

March 19, 2023 - Agency Assist

Officers assisted the King County Sheriff's Office at Echo Glen Children's Center with perimeter control related to an incident involving juvenile inmates who were starting fires and making demands. 

March 19, 2023 - Catalytic Converter Theft

A North Bend resident reported a stolen catalytic converter. No suspect information was known at the time. Approximately $800-$1000 worth of vehicle damage was incurred. 

**These are a selection of calls responded to by the Snoqualmie Police Dept. during the previous week.**