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Police Station Facility Use Application and Agreement

  1. If there is another person we should contact in the event we can't reach the primary requestor their name and phone # should be listed.
  2. Will Refreshments/Food be Served?*
    Please check all that apply
  3. ** If there are items for sale, a Snoqualmie Business License must be obtained and presented to the Police Department Staff prior to your event.
  4. Facility Use Rules/Reminders
    The Police Department Training Room is located within the work area of our officers, please remember to keep noise down and avoid gathering in the lobby. If you have a meeting scheduled in conjunction with your Tour/Safety Talk and have any garbage left please take it with you when you leave. A vacuum cleaner is located in the closet that you are welcome to use if there is clean-up needed. If your meeting/talk/tour is after hours please pick up the phone in the lobby to reach Dispatch and let them know you are here for a meeting/talk/tour.
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