Meadowbrook Farm

Meadowbrook Farm was acquired jointly by the City of Snoqualmie and the City of North Bend in 1996 for wildlife habitat, historic and cultural interpretation, ongoing agricultural activities, public recreation, and community gatherings. Highlights

  • 460 acres of historic protected open space within the Snoqualmie Valley, including trails, wildlife, and native flora.
  • An Interpretive Center to spend time getting to know the natural and cultural history of the region, deepening the understanding its rich biodiversity.
  • Rental facilities for “ecologically and culturally responsible functions.”
  • Classes and special events involving history, cultural interpretation, natural history, and outdoor recreation.

Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association (MFPA)

The land is managed by the Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association (MFPA), a non-profit organization formed by Snoqualmie and North Bend for the purpose of its day-to-day management. The volunteer board includes members appointed by the cities of Snoqualmie and North Bend, the Snoqualmie Tribe, the Snoqualmie Valley School District, the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Society, King County, and the Mountains to Sound Greenway, as well as staff representatives from each city, and many community members. The MFPA works with both cities to enhance historic interpretation, wildlife habitat, ongoing agriculture, and public recreation and community gatherings, guided by the Meadowbrook Farm Master Site Plan.

Meadowbrook Farm provides the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world. There are 460 acres of land to walk, explore, fly kites, picnic, gather with family and friends for a few hours, or have a special celebration.