Snoqualmie Preservation Initiative

The Snoqualmie Preservation Initiative is a series of actions intended to preserve critical forestlands, view points, and trail corridors in and around the City of Snoqualmie, while at the same time finalizing plans for the city's future growth.


The initiative is collaboration between King County, the City of Snoqualmie, the Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company, and the Cascade Land Conservancy (a non-profit land preservation organization). Ultimately, this enterprise preserves the area around Snoqualmie Falls, protects and enhances the City of Snoqualmie and King County's trail systems, and has prevented the future development of up to 9,000 acres in the Raging River Valley. The initiative creates a framework for future land use planning in the Snoqualmie area.

Snoqualmie Falls

In June 2001, Cascade Land Conservancy completed negotiations to permanently protect development of 145 acres directly adjacent to Snoqualmie Falls. This beautiful forested area was in danger of being paved over, which would have changed Snoqualmie Falls’ natural essence. This acquisition is the cornerstone of the Snoqualmie Preservation Initiative.

King County

King County executive Ron Sims stated that the Snoqualmie Preservation Initiative “is a creative way to advance the public's interests in preserving critical areas in the Snoqualmie and Raging River valleys. The teamwork the parties have brought to the table has been outstanding, and the result is a balanced proposal that will resolve pressing questions about future development in the Snoqualmie area."