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Mar 18

Riverbank Repair Project Completed

Posted on March 18, 2022 at 3:10 PM by Gail Folkins

Construction is complete on the Snoqualmie River Revetment Repair project at the corner of SE River St and Park Ave SE.  The City, with funding from King County Flood Control District, installed wood piling, rock armor, geo-stabilized fill, and native vegetation to provide erosion protection. The repaired revetment will protect properties and structures along the roadway and stabilize a critical city water main and other buried utility infrastructure. Without this repair, continued river erosion would cause the road to fail entirely.  

The City was able to leverage this joint effort with King County to provide other enhancements.  Environmental improvements include expanded open space for access along the river corridor, restoration of native habitat and riparian buffer, and enhanced tree plantings to increase shade on the river that helps to reduce water temperatures. The project also constructed the first segment of the Riverwalk Trail, which will eventually provide for greater access and environmental restoration along the river corridor.  

Watch a video of the repair process. 

Riverbank Revetment


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