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Apr 15

Volunteers Help Restore Centennial Fields Rain Garden

Posted on April 15, 2022 at 2:43 PM by Gail Folkins

Stewardship Partners Ashley Aversa and Volunteers

On a recent chilly but rain-free Saturday morning, 19 volunteers cleared an area in Centennial Fields Park for an existing rain garden. Organized through Stewardship Partners and the Green Snoqualmie Partnership, the event resulted in approximately 3,450 square feet cleared of invasive Himalayan blackberry roots and canes, which prevent growth of native varieties that help make a rain garden efficient. 

What Is a Rain Garden?

Rain gardens are basins of water where rainwater collects. Surrounded by native plants, these basins help filter out road pollutants through the soil and surrounding plants. The rain garden at Centennial Fields was taken over these past two years by invasive blackberry. The goal of groups such as Stewardship Partners and Green Snoqualmie is to restore the site by removing invasive blackberry, establishing native plants, and mulching the site. This will help ensure its continued efficiency in filtering water to remove pollutants and result in cleaner water runoff for our area streams, plants, and wildlife. 

 Visit Stewardship Partners and the  Green Snoqualmie Partnership to learn about upcoming events. 

Centennial Fields Rain Garden - Bioswale

Salmonberry bloom


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