Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Comprehensive Plan Amendments Are Allowed

The Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process is an opportunity to propose changes to the Comprehensive Plan, zoning code, or development regulations per Snoqualmie Municipal Code (SMC) Title 21. Amendment proposals usually address changing conditions or emerging issues and may include changes to policies or allowed land uses. Note that zoning code and other development regulations may be amended at any time, as established by SMC 21.30.

The Growth Management Act limits the City to amending the Comprehensive Plan only once a year, and requires the City to consider proposals concurrently to consider their cumulative effect. This is accomplished by assembling a docket (or list) of suggested changes to evaluate them within a citywide context and available for public review.

How to Propose an Amendment

Any individual, organization, business, or group may propose a Comprehensive Plan amendment.

  • Proposed amendments must be submitted by October 31 of each year to be considered in the following annual period (November 1 to October 31),
  • Proposals as of October 31 of each year not adopted in the following 12-month period are not carried forward unless resubmitted.

It is recommended to use the provided docket form to help the City appropriately track and consider recommendations.

The Planning Commission considers the proposals, holds public hearings, and seeks public comment on the docket following staff review, and makes recommendations on proposed amendments. The City Council then reviews recommendations as a package and votes to accept or deny them.

Public comment on proposed amendments may be provided in any of the following ways: