Eagle Lake Reclaimed Water Distirbution System Improvements


The City produces and distributes Class A reclaimed water during dry season months for non-drinking uses such as landscape irrigation. Reclaimed water is wastewater that gets treated to such a high level that it can be used safely for irrigation. Reclaimed water is available during dry season months during peak irrigation demand and when other water resources may be taxed by drought conditions.

reclaimed water distribution system


These improvements will include construction of a new closed reclaimed water reservoir in the vicinity of Eagle Lake on Snoqualmie Ridge. The primary goal of this project is to improve the reclaimed water distribution system to ensure Class A water quality and comply with Ecology mandates related to new 2018 Reclaimed Water rules. This project will improve the existing reclaimed water infrastructure that has for two decades demonstrated water quality and water supply benefits in the upper Snoqualmie Valley. Other benefits of this project include Snoqualmie River water quality and added utility and watershed resilience. 

reclaimed water facility


Permitting and design is underway and will be wrapped by the end of 2024 such that construction of the improvements may begin in the year 2025.